The goal of the High-Fliers project is to contribute meaningfully to the preparation of STEM-related educationalists (or those of S&T, Education) for careers in schools, higher education institutions and science promotion organisations, seen as a concern in all partner countries (Estonia, Finland, Portugal, Croatia) as well as Europe-wide. In this context High-Fliers targets students, as well as experts in the science and science-related subject areas – biology, geography, chemistry and physics (with the project outcomes designed so as to be adaptable to mathematics beyond the project timeline). The project approach entails developing the 5-module High-Fliers Programme for future STEM Educationalists and piloting and evaluating it with 200 educationalists in Estonia, Finland, Portugal and Croatia (students; teachers and staff of science promotion organisations; staff of higher education institutions). In parallel, preparing the High-Fliers course manual and organising local Stakeholder Workshops/Events, and a Final Conference; added to partner conference travelling-presentations and specific High-Fliers Module Workshops; all aiming at the engagement of a wider target audience as well as promotion and dissemination of High- Fliers.

Project period: 1.12.2020 - 31.08.2023

Pilt Tartu Ülikooli Physicumi fuajeest_Foto autor Andero Kalju

University of Tartu sets out to increase climate awareness