Master`s degree program for gymnasium science teachers

  • Studies support your skills and knowledge to shape students into active global citizens who care about the surrounding environment, behave responsibly, and are willing to take risks and use creativity when offering meaningful solutions to societal issues with significant scientific content. Therefore, alongside developing specialized knowledge and skills (e.g., biology), the curriculum emphasizes subjects focusing on leadership, communication, and general competencies.

    Our faculty includes both experts in their respective fields and educators with high experience in teaching at general education schools.

  • The studies last for two years and are mainly conducted in the form of seminars, workshops, and internships. You can choose a suitable specialization (biology, chemistry, geography, physics teacher) based on your previous educational path and in which field you wish to initiate change. The studies are conducted in session-based format on weekends twice a month.

  • Upon completion, you will receive a Master's degree in Education Sciences (biology teacher, chemistry teacher, geography teacher, or physics teacher) and a 7th level teaching qualification. This entitles you to teach in primary and secondary schools, where there is a growing demand for science teachers.

  • Some of our alumni have found employment in research centers, museums, environmental education centers, extracurricular schools, and companies.

  • You can continue your studies in the doctoral program in Educational Sciences with a focus on science education at the University of Tartu.

    Review the curriculum in the study information system here